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"AD Scientific Index" is the only university/institution ranking system that analyzes the distribution of scientists in an institution according to the  top % 10, %20, %40, %60, % 80 percentiles and total scientists. In addition to the country, continent and world ranking of all institutions (24,279), the "Type of Institution" section provides the ranking of universities separately among All Universities (), Private Universities () and Public Universities () is given separately. You can also find the rankings of institutions (), companies () and hospitals ()."AD Scientific Index" is the only source where you can evaluate all these institutions according to Total H Index, Last 6 Years H Index, Total i10 Index, Last 6 Years i10 Index, Total Citations and Last 6 Years Citations and analyse the latest developments of the institution.   Best universities in AfricaAsiaEuropeLatin AmericaNorth AmericaOceania 2024 The "AD Scientific Index" University Ranking will not only show the areas in which a university is best or focused, but also reflect the results of the institutions' scientist recruitment policies. This feature reveals the ability of institutions to attract successful scientists and the ability of institutions to promote advances and retain scientists. See also: University Subject Rankings You can edit your university page yourself by registering.

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