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How will the new rankings be updated in the “AD Scientific Index”?

Updates and new rankings will be available through the current list of profiles and the pool of academicians that would expand along with new subscriptions.

How can I be included in the “AD Scientific Index”?

First of all, you must have a Google Scholar profile and this profile must be set to PUBLIC. If you do not have a Google Scholar profile, you can create a profile at and add your published scientific articles. It is the liability of the scientist to ensure the accuracy and the ethical aspects of the profile. Furthermore, it is recommended that institutions would check the profiles of respective employees. We would like to remind you that you should check your profile regularly and keep it updated. Published scientific papers added to your profile may cause ethical issues if they do not belong to you.

Is there a specified lower limit for the h-index and i10 index scores or the number of citations to be included in “AD Scientific Index”?

For SUBMISSIONS, no lower limits have been specified for the number of citations or the h-index or i10-index scores to be included in the “AD Scientific Index”.

If you have a Google Scholar profile but you have not been included in the list yet, you can be included in “AD Scientific Index” via the following two ways:

  1. INDIVIDUAL SUBMISSIONS: Upon the receipt of the “data processing fee”, submitted profiles and correction requests are uploaded in 1-5 days. Please refer to the payments page. If you are from a HIGH-INCOME ECONOMY COUNTRY ($12,536 OR MORE) based on the World Bank Classification, you will be requested to pay 30 US Dollars or 25 Euros or 22 British Pounds to be included in the index in an expedited way. Individuals from other countries will be required to pay 24 US Dollars or 20 Euros for an expedited individual submission.
  3. Institutional purchasing of services for a group of personnel is possible. You can  ask for quotes about institutional fees for specified numbers of academicians. In corporate applications, the fee for individual submissions will be subject to a discount of 10%. A processing fee is required to retrieve country reports or reports specific to a university. You can submit a request to ask about country or university reports.
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Please fill out the form. For expedited submissions, you will be directed to the payment page. Your credit card must be authorized for international payments.

Enter your Google scholar profile link. e.g.
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payments Submission Fee: 24-30 USD
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