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How will the new rankings be updated in the “AD Scientific Index”?

Updates and new rankings will be available through the current list of profiles and the pool of academicians that would expand along with new subscriptions.

How can I be included in the “AD Scientific Index”?

First of all, you must have a Google Scholar profile and this profile must be set to PUBLIC. If you do not have a Google Scholar profile, you can create a profile at and add your published scientific articles. It is the liability of the scientist to ensure the accuracy and the ethical aspects of the profile. Furthermore, it is recommended that institutions would check the profiles of respective employees. We would like to remind you that you should check your profile regularly and keep it updated. Published scientific papers added to your profile may cause ethical issues if they do not belong to you. 

Possible reasons why a scientist is not on this list... For a more detailed explanation, please refer to our “Methodology” page.

Is there a specified lower limit for the h-index and i10 index scores or the number of citations to be included in “AD Scientific Index”?

For SUBMISSIONS, no lower limits have been specified for the number of citations or the h-index or i10-index scores to be included in the “AD Scientific Index”.

How can individuals find out their ranking if they are not already included in the list?

You do not need to be included in relevant list to find out your ranking. The ranking will be the same as those of other academicians or scientists with similar scores in the list.

If you have a Google Scholar profile but you have not been included in the list yet, there are two possible ways to be included in the list;

The first way is that you can spontaneously be included in the list during an updating process because the index continues to expand by continents, countries, universities, and branches periodically. The second way is to use the registration page of the website; on which you can register as an individual or use the option of discounted institutional registration. We are not available for responding to other requests submitted through other means or e-mailing.

INDIVIDUAL SUBMISSIONS: Upon the receipt of the “data processing fee”, submitted profiles and correction requests are uploaded in 1-3 days. Please refer to the payments page. If you are from a HIGH-INCOME ECONOMY COUNTRY ($12,536 OR MORE) based on the World Bank Classification, you will be requested to pay 30 US Dollars or 25 Euros or 22 British Pounds to be included in the index in an expedited way. Individuals from other countries will be required to pay 24 US Dollars or 20 Euros for an expedited individual submission.  Alternatively, you can pay with Western Union. For this route, please send a message to [email protected].


Institutions can submit a list of staff scientists, who have not yet been included in the AD Scientific Index, and receive a registration discount. Institutions can also apply for corrections. Scientists listed by the institution will be included in "AD Scientific Index" within 1-7 days after the profile checks. Thus, an institution can examine the total and the last 5 years’ h-index and i10 index scores, numbers of citations, and productivity of employee scientists. In the same way, you can observe the accurate ranking of your university in the country, region, and the world, along with any respective progress in total and in the last 5 years. In corporate applications, the fee for individual submissions will be subject to a discount of 10%. As stated in the above article, the individual registration fee ranges from 24 $ to 30 US$ based on the economic status of the country. The institutional registration fee is calculated by multiplying the individual application fee of the relevant country by the number of people in the institution list and applying a 10% discount to the obtained figure. After the calculated amount is deposited into our bank account with the correct IBAN, please send the receipt, the invoice address of your institution, and the complete Excel file filled out with required information to [email protected]  The invoice will be sent electronically to the specified institutional invoice address. A processing fee is required to retrieve “University Academic Performance Reports” specific to a university. You can submit a request to ask about university reports ve sample reports. ([email protected])

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Guidance and information about payments

1- We request a small contribution as a processing fee for the sustainability and independence of this system, which has been developed through the hard work of many people without receiving any institutional or financial support. The contribution you would provide will be used for the services such as the maintenance of the robust infrastructure, staffing, system updates, rigorous checks of corrections and additions, and standardization.
2- In order to join the system, no minimum limits have been required for the numbers of citations or the h-index and i10 index scores in Google Scholar.  Academicians wishing to see their academic rankings in the world or in the university, or in an institution, region, country, or branch can apply after editing their Google Scholar profiles carefully and accurately.
3- You can submit your requests for corrections or the completion of missing information about the institution, academic branch, or fields of interest included in the system.
Firstly, you need to submit personal information by filling out the form at the following link: Then, you will need to pay the processing fee of HIGH-INCOME ECONOMY COUNTRY ($12,536 OR MORE) based on the World Bank Classification, you will be requested to pay 30 US Dollars to be included in the index in an expedited way. Individuals from other countries will be required to pay 24 US for an expedited individual submission.) After receiving the payment, the submitted profile will be checked. The profile will be approved when it is confirmed that the submitted information is correct and the profile includes only the published papers of the researcher owning the profile. When the profile is approved, the submitted information will be included and stored in the database. Thus, the information will be visible in the lists as described previously. To examine how the information will be listed, please refer to the respective page by clicking the following example. The ranking will be updated shortly after uploading the submitted information to the database. When a profile is not approved, feedback will be sent to the applicant. You can send your correction requests in response to the feedback.  
4- After editorial approval, rankings in the subject areas, and rankings by the institution, country, region, and the ranking in the world will be updated and included in the index (usually within 1-7 working days).
5- For consecutive updates, the information submitted for corrections or for the completion of missing information is used.  
6- Following the purchase of a product, the information about the institution, the branch, and the field of interest can be corrected and updated during a period of one year.  
We do not archive or use any information belonging to the credit cards you used for payment.
Alternatively, you can pay with Western Union. Alternatively, you can pay with Western Union. For this route, please send a message to [email protected]

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Please fill out the form. For expedited submissions, you will be directed to the payment page. Your credit card must be authorized for international payments.

Enter your Google scholar profile link. e.g.
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payments Submission Fee: 24-30 USD
schedule Duration: 1-5 working days
payment Alternative Payment: For payment by Western Union, please send a message to [email protected]