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For group registrations from institutions, you can write us via [email protected].  

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Possible reasons why a scientist is not on this list... For a more detailed explanation, please refer to our “Methodology” page.

How can individuals find out their ranking if they are not already included in the list?

You do not need to be included in relevant list to find out your ranking. The ranking will be the same as those of other academicians or scientists with similar scores in the list.

There are two possible ways to be included in the list: The first way is that you can spontaneously be included in the list during an updating process because the index continues to expand by continents, countries, universities, and branches periodically.

May 25, 2021 Total 417.605 scientist, 167 country, 9.525 university

June 18, 2021 Total 700.093 scientist, 182 country, 11.350 university

October 18, 2021 Total 708.675 scientist, 206 country, 13.542 university

December 8, 2021 Total 710.652 scientist, 212 country, 14.124 university

January 3, 2022 Total 716.979 scientist, 212 country, 14.130 university

February 1, 2022 Total 744.886 scientist, 216 country, 14.172 university

March 27, 2022 Total 838.396 scientist, 216 country, 15.165 university

April 27, 2022 Total 907.146 scientist, 217 country, 15.450 university

June 5, 2022 Total 948.737 scientist, 216 country, 15.652 university

August 1, 2022 Total 1.037.806 scientist, 16.043 university

October 1, 2022 Total 1.082.054 scientist, 19.490 university

November 1, 2022 Total 1.113.263 scientist, 216 country, 19.520 university

November 13, 2022 Total 1.144.571 scientist, 216 country, 19.528 university

The second way is to use the registration page of the website; on which you can register as an individual or use the option of discounted institutional registration. We are not available for responding to other requests submitted through other means or e-mailing.

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