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Gang Wu Academic Center for Dentistry Amsterdam
Gang Wu

Gang Wu
AD Scientific Index 2023

Academic Center for Dentistry Amsterdam
Medical and Health Sciences / Dentistry
Academic Center for Dentistry Amsterdam
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In Academic Center for Dentistry Amsterdam (42) In Netherlands (16620) In Europe (402583) World (1351425)
Total H Index 35 #17 #3731 #56239 #154775
Last 6 years H Index 29 #12 #2730 #35890 #103192
Last 6 years / Total H Index
Total i10 Index 91 #10 #2621 #40005 #109579
Last 6 years i10 Index 86 #7 #1687 #22119 #63207
Last 6 years / Total i10 Index 0.945
Total Citation 3756 #17 #5046 #77932 #221490
Last 6 years Citation 2900 #11 #3367 #46766 #137465
Last 6 years / Total Citation 0.772
Medical and Health Sciences * #9
(24) *
(983) *
(33569) *
(131472) *
Dentistry *
Bone tissue engineering | bone morphogenetic proteins | biomimetic coatings | hospital infection control |
(21) *
(26) *
(1140) *
(5384) *
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